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focly     The FOCLY Tradition

From traditional Chinese cuisine to an exciting new blend of flavours and tastes ...

FOCLY welcomes its clients with first-class service in sophisticated and comfortable surroundings with contemporary Chinese décor.

The restaurant was started in 1975 by Michel LU, whose background was Sino-Cambodian. The reputation of his cuisine is closely linked to the talent of his chef Mach, who had been chef at the royal palace of Cambodia responsible for Chinese cooking, upholding the fame of the cuisine of China’s Canton region for over twenty years.

Since 1985 Suyfat LU, who took over the restaurant established by his father, has continued to offer traditional Chinese cuisine while introducing the additional flavours and tastes of his childhood home, Cambodia, together with the traditions of Indochina. We are talking about citronella, basil, tamarind, coconut milk, fish-based sauces and other Indochinese flavours, all of which enhance the dishes served. New recipes such as fish ravioli introduce a new coolness onto the menu together with hot shrimp roulade, seasonal Thai salads, minced lamb with five spice seasoning....new desserts such as coconut pearls, custard tarts, subtle blends of hot and cold with apple fritters and vanilla ice cream, green tea ices and so on.

Because wine nobly enhances the flavour of food, Suyfat LU is leading the way among his contemporaries by specialising in good wines, forming privileged partnerships with some of the best wine merchants and chateaux, thus enabling him to recommend to his clients the most subtle blend of wines and flavours. FOCLY has built up a list of fine French wines from different regions, carefully selected to harmonise perfectly with Chinese cuisine.

Tea is part and parcel of Chinese culture going back to time immemorial, and FOCLY is an authentic ambassador of this tradition. Each year LU visits different plantations in China and Taiwan for the Spring or Autumn harvest to select the best teas, some for which FOCLY has established an exclusivity.

The chef at FOCLY uses only the finest ingredients, mainly fresh food which is in season (fruit, vegetables, fish and meat) as well as organic produce.

All food is prepared at the restaurant itself, and often to order, guaranteeing flavour and freshness of the dishes.



L'équipe du Focly

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