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Focly    Our cuisine full of freshness and good flavour

cuisine du focly

Because cooking is governed by the seasons we offer you two menu groups :

One menu offering starters and main courses that you can enjoy the whole year through, such as Chinese soups, steamed ravioli, FOCLY organic avocado, carrot or green papaw salads, vegetarian vegetable fritters, farm-reared chicken with honey-glaze and ginger vinaigrette, minced lamb with five-spice seasoning served with cep mushrooms and spring onions …

And one menu of starters and main courses thought up by the chef according to what is freshly available according to the season.  During the short period of time (from November to January) when scallops are available they will be served steamed, or in their shells, or with fresh ginger or soya beans.

Because our main aim is to give you the freshest of foods cooked in a healthy way we search out the best ingredients:  farm-reared chicken “red label”, organically-grown vegetables (avocados, carrots, Chinese cabbage, broccoli, okra) which we cook in a variety of innovative ways.

Our cooking is gluten-free (this is a flavour enhancer) and prepared when ordered.  We mainly use woks as they help to keep all the natural flavours and vitamins by cooking the food quickly and at a high temperature.

You can enjoy our home-made fresh ravioli (dim sum) made by the chef with fillings based on whole prawns, farm-reared chicken or fillets of beef, using either rice-flour or wheat; and for dessert our fresh mango soup made with coconut milk and tapioca, or our home-made steamed coconut pearls ...

If you are vegetarian you will like our vegetable roulades, our dishes based on Chinese vegetables, tofu prepared in various ways as well as our noodles, pastas and fried rice dishes.

Don’t forget to try our specially-made ice cream such as green tea, organic coffee, ginger or caramel ice cream, and many more delicious flavours.




Ravioli prepared by the chef at FOCLY

realisation ravioles

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